Bergman 113 Mysore

11 FEB 2024

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Bergman Triathlon & Bergman Duathlon, brought to you by the Deccan Sports Club (DSC). This event promises a fusion of physical prowess and mental fortitude, set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Mysore landscape.
The BERGMAN 113 Elite Category takes the thrill to another level, where excellence is rewarded with prize money.
Age Group for BERGMAN 113 Elite will be Above 18 Years Open category. Prize will be given in terms of participation in elite category.
  • More then 12 Participants in each category (elite male and elite female) 3 winners will be awarded
  • Less then 12 Participants 2 winners will be awarded (elite male and elite female)
  • Less then 6 Participants 1 winner will be awarded (elite male and elite female)

About the event


What does 113 define?

113 Defines the distance in Kms Swim 1.9 km Bike 90 Km Run 21.1 Km Total 113 Kms

The Inspiration Behind "Bergman"

Derived from the German term for 'mountain man,' Bergman embodies the spirit of those who conquer mountains. In ancient times, these individuals overcame daily challenges, forging exceptional physical and mental strength. With meticulously curated routes through mountains and forests, this event captures the essence of the word Bergman, symbolizing strength and triumph.

Bergman Triathlon

The Essence of Triathlon

A triathlon is a supreme test of endurance, combining swimming, cycling, and running across multiple stages. This event mirrors the challenges of life, offering a journey of discipline, commitment, and achievement.

Bergman Duathlon

What is a Duathlon?

Duathlon is an athletic event that consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and then another running leg in a format bearing some resemblance to triathlons.


Bergman Triathlon Categories
Bergman Duathlon Categories

Cut Off Timings

Gear up to push your limits, embrace challenges, and triumph amidst the mountains at Bergman Triathlon Mysore. This event isn’t just a race; it’s a celebration of human potential and perseverance.

USP of the event and facilities provided to the participants:

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