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About Us

Deccan Sports Club (DSC) is a Non-Profit making charitable company registered under section 8th of the Central Registration Centre.The club was formed in 2019 by two triathletes Mr.Uday Patil and Mr. Vaibhav Belgaonkar. We together conceptualised this exceptional sports club where they combine the exhilarating disciplines of triathlon, duathlon and marathon. Our passion for endurance sports is always working towards pushing our limits. At Deccan Sports Club, We bring together a diverse group of athletes, who are dedicated to embrace the challenges and rewards of triathlon ,duathlon and marathon events. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner our club offers you the right track to foster growth ,achievement and camaraderie. We aim at supporting and inspiring athletes all across the globe. We organise multiple events be it triathlons , duathlons and marathons all across India and abroad. We are also very active in doing CSR activities through our events wherein we aim at doing our bit towards the society.
We work for the betterment of athletes by providing them the comforts of international standards in the event .
If you have a dream to cross the finish line in triathlon, duathlon or to conquer the marathon then Deccan Sports Club can be your guiding torch. We motivate and empower you at every step. Join us at our upcoming events and enjoy your journey on this remarkable adventure, pushing boundaries, surpassing your limits and embracing the thrill of endurance sports. Let’s do it together.
Come join us in chasing the goals, inspiring each other and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to Deccan Sports Club!

The Founders

Mr.Uday Patil

Mr.Uday Patil a Civil Engineer with a strong passion for sports, particularly triathlon. He began his triathlon journey by completing the Chennai Triathlon in the year 2017. Encouraged by his initial achievement , Mr.Patil went on to participate in the Ironman Triathlon in Austria for two years simultaneously 2018 and 2019, depicting his dedication and determination in the sport.
Amalgamating his love for sports along with his expertise in management, Mr.Patil joined forces with Mr.Vaibhav Belgaonkar to organise a triathlon event in their city, Kolhapur. Acknowledging the need for an internationally recognized triathlon, Mr.Patil’s took forward his design and execution skills and merged it with Mr.Belgaonkar’s experience. The outcome was a very successful event that became the top-drawer triathlon in India.
The Kolhapur triathlon was a success. Mr.Patil and Mr.Belgaonkar now were aiming to go for an expansion for their brand.They were together planning for a global visibility. Mr.Patil is a visionary and aspires to take their triathlon event to an international platform, sharing this passion for the sport with enthusiasts across the world.The goal is pristine, Mr.Patil along with Mr.Belgaonkar look forward to promoting triathlon and inspire the community on a larger scale to embrace a healthy and vigorous lifestyle.

Mr. Vaibhav Belgaonkar

Mr.Vaibhav Belgaonkar is an individual with a strong background in sports, beginning with national-level achievements in skating during his younger years. He later transitioned to mountain biking and achieved momentous victories, including winning the Nef Enduro 3 MTB Race twice and emerging as the champion of a challenging Rugged Sahyadri MTB race. His passion for pushing boundaries led him to complete the MTB Himalaya, a gruelling 700 km race known as Asia’s toughest mountain biking event.
In 2014, Mr.Belgaonkar ventured into the world of triathlons by successfully completing the Chennai Triathlon, conquering the half Ironman distance. Inspired by his accomplishments, he foresighted greater challenges and was successful to complete the Full Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia in November 2015 followed by Ironman Austria in July 2019.With multiple personal accomplishments, Mr. Belgaonkar became a source of inspiration for a running group seeking to participate in Ironman competitions. Recognising their potential, he took on the role of trainer and mentor, guiding them towards the Chennai Triathlon. On the other hand Vaibhav also volunteered with the Ironman team, proactively contributing to their operations thereby intensifying his understanding of the sport.
Inspired by the absence of internationally recognised triathlon events in India, Mr.Belgaonkar teamed up with Mr.Uday Patil to conceptualise and organise a triathlon in their city, Kolhapur. Leveraging the city’s favourable infrastructure, including open water venues, well-maintained cycling routes, and suitable running tracks, they set out to create something exceptional—the Bergman Triathlon.
Lead by Athletes

Dozens of triathletes and sports enthusiasts

We are a team of professional triathlonists eager to help everyone to get started in the world of triathlon.

Deccan Sports Club Team Members, who successfully completed IRONMAN AUSTRIA on 7th July 2019.

Our Story

In April 2019 two experienced and ambitious athletes collated their vision and passion and conceptualised and gave shape to The Deccan Sports Club.The club came into existence as we recognised the need for a community lifestyle change. Thus the need and thought to bring about a change ignited our minds and hence the outcome Deccan Sports Club for the betterment of our society.The desire of conducting sports events , came from our combined interests in fitness and simultaneously the thought to challenge our own limits.We wanted to enlarge the horizon of the sporting arena in our country. We had the dire need to organise triathlons, duathlons and marathons pertaining to international standards in our country.By doing this we wanted to turn the dream into reality for thousands of participants who aimed at performing in such events .Through our personal experiences,knowledge and lot of research in sports we gathered the courage to transform our desires into action. Swimming,cycling and running being the basic sports activities became the base for us. With continuous efforts and immense hard work we started spreading and generating awareness. Deccan Sports Club started organising events all across the country and thus establishing its mark for the triathletes.Thus we can say the magic of the power of determination ,the strength of hard work and the never say die attitude of two people Mr.Uday Patil and Vaibhav Belgaonkar who got untied unfolded when Deccan Sports Club started inspiring athletes on a larger scale thus becoming a beacon in its arena.

Our Vision

Our vision is to occupy a position as the most recognizable and respected sporting club providing world class experience. We strive to create a vibrant and inclusive community where athletes can thrive, releasing their full potential.

Deccan Sports Club aims at building a legacy of sporting success, inspiring our participants to reach new heights of performance in their respective disciplines. We envision state-of-art facilities along with a supportive environment that fosters passion, dedication and a lifelong love for sports. Through our unwavering commitment to integrity, sportsmanship and personal growth, we aspire to make a positive impact not only within our club but also in the wider sporting landscape.

With our dedication, teamwork and pursuit of excellence, we aim to create a lasting legacy that transcends victories and championships, leaving a profound and lasting impact on the lives of our participants and the community as a whole. We would like to welcome participants from all across the globe. We would be the best hosts when it comes to organizing any sports event thereby fostering growth of sports tourism into our country.

Our Mission

Our mission is to organise events nationally and across the globe adhering to international standards.We want to foster a community of passionate athletes who strive for excellence, sportsmanship and personal growth.We strive at providing a supportive environment where individuals of all ages and abilities can pursue their athletic ambitions.We are committed to to promoting physical fitness, mental well-being, and the values of respect, integrity and camaraderie.By delivering high-quality coaching state-of-the-art facilities and opportunities for competition and development, we aspire to inspire our participants.Together we aim to build a legacy of athletic achievement and create lifelong memories for our participants and the broader community.

Our Values