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About Us

Deccan Sports Club (DSC) is a Non-Profit making charitable company registerd under section 8th of ROC Pune. The club was formed by a team of athletes and triathletes, who are mostly ranging from the age group of 18 to 50 years old, although our youngest team athlete is 12 years old. For past 3 years, the club members have participated in various national and international marathon as well as triathlons and in a short span of time, our club members have achieved titles like Ironman and Ironman 70.3, which are one of the toughest sports in the world and the entitlement is regarded with great respect in the sports world. Many of our club members have achieved podium status in national and international events which in itself is a great achievement for the club.
Lead by Athletes

Dozens of triathletes and sports enthusiasts

We are a team of professional triathlonists eager to help everyone to get started in the world of triathlon.

Deccan Sports Club Team Members, who successfully completed IRONMAN AUSTRIA on 7th July 2019.

Our Story

The club was formed with an idea to bring a solution to the basic challenge that today’s younger generations is facing about being mostly into computers and electronic gadgets, due to which they have almost forgotten to play sports on field. To do something constructive in this area, all of us from different age groups, profession and different sports background came together and formed this club to spread awareness and importance of sports.

Our Vision

The idea of conducting sports event, came from our combined desire to promote fitness and simultaneously challenge it. Through our experiences, we gained a rock solid attitude towards life which we wish to share with the society. Swimming, cycling and running being the basic fitness sports activities, we are taking planned efforts in generating awareness in the youth of our country, so that they can further compete at national and international events. Moreover, our club achievers have already led by example and exhibited some of the required qualities like hard-work, discipline, passion and dedication to excel in any field. Sports can teach us to imbibe such qualities and the effect is experienced almost immediately. The effort also highlights the go-getting attitude which everyone of us need to develop ourself in this competitive world. No matter how tough, how long or how hard it gets, we want to show people what it feels like they achieve their target, especially when they don’t give up.

Our Activities